Classic inspired Power Metal by VAN CANTO Mastermind Stefan Schmidt, feat. Jörg Michael, Daniel Wicke, Sebastian Scharf and some of the greatest classic composers.

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2013-02-17 More reviews

5 days to go until „All my Kingdoms“ (preorder at Amazon) will be released. Check out some more reviews:


„All My Kingdoms might take a little to fully hit, but once it does, the minor complaints quickly are forgotten and show a band that has the chops and concept to quickly become a major force in the Power Metal genre. Once they smooth out the few bumps they have, this could be big!“
— metal-observer.com


„Heavatar zeigen mit ihrem gelungenen Debütalbum, dass Power Metal nicht immer gleich klingen muss.“
— dark-festivals.de


„Toller Sound, toller Gesang und tolle Melodien - hier gibt es für den Power Metal-Fan nichts zu meckern.“
— pressuremagazine.de

2013-02-09 First reviews

So far the reviews for „All my Kingdoms“ (preorder at Amazon) are very good. Check out some statements:


„HEAVATAR legen ein sehr starkes Debüt hin, das Fans von BLIND GUARDIAN mit Sicherheit verschlingen werden.“
— stormbringer.at


„You can headbang to it, or play air guitar to it.“
— wickedchannel.com


„All My Kingdoms fulfills every power metal fan’s dream in terms of outlook and accomplishment.“
— eternal-terror.com


„Fortunately, with Heavatar what could be a key player in modern power metal shows up on the scene“
— blackwindmetal.com


„This is one record not to overlook this year!“
— skullfracturingmetal.blogspot.ca


„I can’t emphasise enough how good Schmidt’s vocals sound“
— avenoctum.com

2013-02-08 Replica Videoclip

Our first official Videoclip is online. This is REPLICA:

2013-01-24 All my Kingdoms - Teaser

Our first teaser is online. Listen to all songs of ALL MY KINGDOMS:

2012-12-09 Welcome

Welcome to the brand new website of HEAVATAR. The debut album „All my Kingdoms“ will be released worldwide on February 22nd, 2013.

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